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Malditos Fantasmas · Damn Ghosts

Self-publishing, 2017
67 pages, 22 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-84-617-8673-2
Spanish and English

Text by María Jesús Jabato and translation by Pablo Quintana.

The central axis of Malditos fantasmas · Damn Ghosts is the irrational fear of the creatures that are part of the traditional imaginary and have been transmitted from generation to generation by oral tradition. The Coco, The Man of the sack, The Goat of the mountain, The Sacamantecas and others, inhabit rivers, mountains, seas and natural spaces, lurking with their worrying breath and make them feel afraid, but the children doesn’t know them because they are being cornered by the monsters born of consumer multinationals, such as Sulley, Mike Wazowsky, Randy Boggs, Don Carlton… This book, therefore, connects with the tradition of the frighteners who have formed and form a part of the children’s world and presents them blurred, sometimes loosing the fear that provoke, causing others, but always playing with the strength of the poetical word. Beside each poem there is a translation which enriches the work. The illustrations narrate without words the fear of a boy and a girl who feel the presence of these imaginary creatures in a tour of the different scenes of the poems, forming in turn a plot thread.

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